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Desinsection is specialized field which concerns methods and means to reduce pest apperance such as insects, fabric pests, and others - cockroaches, flies, ants etc.
We use several methods to control and reduce pest populations - spraying, placing feeding bait stations, feeding gels, ULV method, oiwder, fumigation (smokes and aerosols).

Spraying insecticides and their disposal

  • Bandit 10 EW
  • Empire 20
  • K-Othrine 25 Flow
  • Crackdown Rapide
  • Ficam 80 EW
  • Diacap
  • Detmol Cap, Mic, Pro

Disposal - municipal services, warehouses, agriculture, food companies, households,...
Spraying insecticides - are odourless and stainless, assures long term residual effectivity. Effective substance does not evaporate, is non-corosive and sun and warm resistant.

Baiting stations - Faraon ants

  • Faratox turbo
  • Lafarex N
  • Maxforce
  • Alstar

Feeding baits - cockroaches

  • Schwabex gel
  • Schwabex lack
  • Maxforce gel

Powder - flying ans crawling insect

  • Drione
  • Defeat Ant Killer

Fumigation - smokes and aerosols

  • Aqua Py
  • Aqua Reslin Super
  • Coopex dýmovnice
  • Actelic dýmovnice
  • Schwabex fog
  Pharaon Ant
  House Fly