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Rodent control involves actions to reduce dangerous rodent population and to minimize household and industrial damages.

Rodent control system involves:

  • monitor objects for rodents population appereance
  • safety objects and picking up old rodent baits
  • placing new rodent baits
  • control of effectivity and cadaver removal
  • completion and vetifying effectivity

Rodent baits and formulation

Dry enviroment - warehouses, stores, basement rooms, etc.

  • Baraki
  • Lanirát
  • Ramus tablety
  • Prorat pasta

Wet enviroment - sawerage, rodent´s dens, etc.

  • Norat H
  • Baraki bloky
  • Ramus vosk
  • Hubex

According to standard preventive rodent control methodology are baits places into:

  • paper boxes
  • plastic boxes

We are able to place rodent´s baits into plastic locking boxes as well.

Rodent baits
Bait stations